Sunday, March 28, 2010

Escape From New York Cover

This was an assignment for Gabe Bridwell at the Joe Kubert School.  We had to pencil and/ or ink part of a comic book cover, and then do the background digitally.  My colors were doo-doo, so I'm only posting the pencils.

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  1. Hell yeah Sucka's !!! eat lead .
    skeez! Whatup Bromie!? thats totally what we need on this mission, a little Plisk-action takin' back New York and L. the A.~Merica! what what, can I get a screw socialism with a rusty fork??? but on a more gentler note, I love your artwork... you could sure teach hollywood a thing or 3 these days. stay Awesome man. Much love to your family and all of your folks up in that beautifully verdant corner of these United States. Later on. and I really might need to commission a piece if you wouldn't mind doctoring up some transport when I get my 2020 model Tesla Truck or Speedboat~;)