Sunday, March 28, 2010

Nick Fury: Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D

3 of 4 pages of an assignment for Joe Kubert's Narrative Art class.  Tighter pencils on these ones for the purposes of another person's inks.  I'll post page 4 when it's finished.

Freak-Priest: Crucifixion

Page 3 of a 5 page narrative assignment for Joe Kubert.  Don't bother looking for the other pages yet, because they're not up.

Freak-Priest: Canyon Two-Step

Freak-Priest sketch...


Freak-Priest promo/ cover.  More to come.  Stick around.

The Storms

A couple of sketches on cardboard.  I LOVE westerns.  I was thinking of a series of short stories with these guys.  Bitter enemies meeting up in random western towns, using revolvers to settle their unspoken disputes, destroying every town they battle in like a storm... I dunno, something like that.

Countdown for Blofeld

A production design assignment.  Very much influenced by "You Only Live Twice". 

The Exit_Man: Cry of the Man-Ape

Promotional piece for The Exit_Man.

The Exit_Man- 5 page Narrative

A narrative assignment for Joe Kubert.  The criteria was to have an Introduction page, a Double-Page Spread, and 2 consecutive pages of storytelling.  

The Exit_Man- Action!

Character I made up called "The Exit_Man".  It's a cyber-punk, spy series that my friend and I came up with.  For anyone interested I'm posting the whole process. More of this guy to come...

Escape From New York Cover

This was an assignment for Gabe Bridwell at the Joe Kubert School.  We had to pencil and/ or ink part of a comic book cover, and then do the background digitally.  My colors were doo-doo, so I'm only posting the pencils.